Artist Statement

I have come to realize that my own personal struggles do not have to take away from life’s endeavors, but can add to the dreams that I have. I believe that art is the expression of one’s soul. It is the vision of one’s inner desires and dreams. Salvador Dali created an entire world immersed in surrealism and was able to create dream-like states into reality. A world of chaos can be transformed into a world of unimaginable dreams, and this is my ultimate goal when exploring my personal artistic style.

Believing that all things are possible, especially our dreams, is the most essential key to realizing who we are and how we can share our ideas with others. To pick one’s self up after tragedy is the most motivating factor we can have in expressing ourselves. Using our personal struggles as well as accomplishments is necessary to allow the world to understand who we are. Overall, personal strife and motivation is the core to a great artist’s creation.

Art heals the soul and brings inner desires to life. The beauty of the world is a feeling we experience as observers of the great beyond. Happiness is something that everyone strives for and like a great meal, a painting can induce a sense of comfort. Art can induce a sense of calm and more importantly it inspires observers. Paintings have not always been free to the public but today they are for everyone.

Art is life itself. It is every experience imaginable in both the dream world as well as reality; relaxation at the sight of a beautiful sunset or the pain in change that we all experience. Art wakes people up and reflects the changes we want to see in the world. It stands up for what we believe in. Whether it is defiance against a world war or the push for peace we all seek in life, art is the expression of all that we encompass.

I am concentrating on developing my own style by exploring the use of color to create dramatic images. Influenced by fauvism, I use warm and cool hues to represent emotion in the model’s pose and also to alter the mood of the atmosphere around the model. I have also explored incorporating other scenes and objects within my paintings to produce an entirely different scene with the model as subject. Placing the model outdoors, for example, allows me to combine and explore my passion for surrealism, as well.

Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte painted realistic images in environments and situations which can only be seen in dreams or the imagination. This is what I would like to explore and it fascinates me. I have always been amazed by realistic paintings of people and life, so I tend not to paint too abstractly. The use of color is one of my main interests because a dramatic contrast, if used the right way, can make a painting stand out from across a room, even on a small canvas. The use of complementary colors as well as deep shading have aided in my attempt to create these kinds of paintings.

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